Dating Rules and the Ones You Should Break

No one knows where the dating rules came from, but a lot of people agree that some of the rules are outdated and should be broken at all costs. These are romance credos that should have stayed in the past. Below are the dating rules that you should break.

rules for dating

Rule number 1: Never Kiss on a First Date

This dating rule has been broken a lot of times, but it remains as one. You should not allow a rule to determine whether you kiss your date in the end or not. If you had a good time with that person then go kiss, even if it was the first date.

Rules number 2: A Woman Should Not Ask a Man Out for a Date

This old dating rule is an indicator that men should be in charge and be the one who is looking for a mate. There’s this old notion that if a woman takes the initiative then the man would feel less manly. When a girl asks a man out for a date and the guy is intimidated by the forwardness then he is not worth your time. Then there are some men who are afraid of rejection. If you ask someone and it turns out that one is interested as well. He will be relieved to find out that both of you felt the same.

Rules number 3: Men Always Pay for the Date

If it is the first date then the guy should take care of the bill. But on succeeding dates, the girl should also be willing to pay for the food or movie tickets. A lot of men can’t always pay for everything during dates, unless the person is born rich.

Rule number 4: Never Talk about Exes during Dates

This dating rule was made so that you don’t look like someone who hasn’t moved on yet by bad mouthing your ex throughout the date. The rule is outmoded because you want to be open with the person you are dating, and your dating history should not be a taboo topic. Talking about pass relationships allows you to learn more about the other person. These insights could help you determine whether you would like to take the relationship to the next level.

Rule number 5: Avoid Talks on Politics and religion

Politics and religion would usually elicit strong opinions from both parties. You don’t have to know about who your date voted during the last elections these two subjects are important things you need to know about. You might find you that your opinions are the same, or they clash but in the right way.

Rules number 6: If a Friend Likes the Person First, You Can’t Date Him

While dating exes of friends is definitely off limits, it doesn’t mean that you must allow her to prevent you from going on a date with her crush. But before going out with him, be sure to discuss it first with your friend. You don’t want a girl to be the reason of losing a friend. That’s why this dating rule should be abolished, but the subject must be handled with care.

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