Keeping a girl interested over email

Well the Love Doctor is in Jamie sent us this question:

Hey Love Doctors

I met this super hot girl last Sunday at the book club and we had a fantastic connection. We got on so well that she even volunteered her number and called me.

Problem now is that she is away for two weeks and although she seems really into me she insists that we  correspond by email while she’s in the US; this is something I’m really not keen on as I found it hard to maintain interest just by just writing. 

She wrote me by her own initiative almost instantly after she left, yet she talks pretty much about loads of boring stuff (what she did how the trip is going etc etc). It might be that she just wants to build more comfort but I know that if I go down that route that will kill attraction, especially given that when we met, in her own words, “it felt like a movie”. Yet I somehow think that disappearing completely for two weeks and then calling her out of the blue when she’s back might not be the best option either.

For now I’m just trying to keep emails short, sweet without replying immediately or giving away too much. But any other advice would be welcome.

Cheers Jamie

You've Got Mail

Hi Jamie

Long distance relationships are hard, but in this case it’s just two weeks. She sounds like she’s really into you. It shouldn’t be hard to just chat for two weeks.  Their is a skill to keeping things interesting whilst messaging and this should be very similar to messaging on a online dating site.

I do have a quick tips though to keep in mind.

Talk with emotion. 

A lot of email conversation get boring quickly because people don’t inject emotion into messages. Try and switch between, loved up, disappointment, enraged, shocked so on. But at all point have this breezy edge so she does not think you are that serious.

Here is a good section as a guide to online messaging.

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