After dating how often should you call?

The dreaded call after the date? This is a source of angst among people who are dating – call too early and put them off by being too keen. Call too late and you risk being disinterested and putting them off. Leave it too long and you also risk that what you shares will be forgotten! This has given rise to all kinds of advice and rules on making contact after the first date, how long you should wait after receiving a text, how many calls you should give per every call you recieve. So to answer the age old question of ‘after dating how often should you call’ we have come up with the following case for when you should call more often and when you should call less often.

Calling too often

When you are dating, receiving too many calls from someone – anyone can be annoying. Receiving too many calls from someone you love – your mother, your brother or your son can be annoying because you are disrupting their life style and there is no purpose to your call (because you have already talked about the same subject hours before!). People have memories – you don’t have to remind them you are there every day! Call when you have something to talk about, something to arrange or have a reason to call and call around your partner’s lifestyle. If they are busy, they won’t appreciate a call when they are at a meeting!

Calling too seldom

Calling too seldom can also be am issue because it indicates disinterest. This may be great when you are trying to play hard to get, or seeing if your partner interested in you, but it may cause friction if you do not call. If you don’t see someone for a while, or you miss them, then call them! If they don’t feel the same way about you, you might like to reconsider whether you are compatible.

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