Dating Body Language 101

A recent study showed that 55% of people choose to flirt through their body language. Your body language can reveal a huge amount your interest towards another person, plus you can adopt certain body language patterns to make your date feel more comfortable and at ease. You can also read your date’s body language to tell if they are into you. We reveal some quick body language tips that will help you on the dating scene. 

It’s All in the Eyes

Eyes can say a huge amount about a person and what they are feeling. A subtle alluring glance that lingers just a split second longer than normal can indicate that someone is interested in you.

Her Hair

Women will use their hair as a flirting ‘prop’. Signs that someone may be interested in you can include playing and twirling of the hair, sexily tucking it behind the ears or flicking all of the hair back.

A Cute Smile

A smile is perhaps one of the easiest body language signs to read. A cute and seductive smile is a surefire way to let someone know that you are attracted to them. Combine it with some come-hither eyes and you will be sure to let your feelings known.

Lean In!

When someone is leaning forward it generally means that they are interested. Folded arms across the body can mean that the person is blocking the conversation, or that they don’t feel totally comfortable in your presence.


NLP is a system which has built its foundations on communication, personal development and psychotherapy. NLP teaches a technique known as mirroring, which is when a person copies another person’s body language while in conversation with them. This can subconsciously help the other person to open up and feel more trusting of you. The key with mirroring is subtlety; if you go too overboard it will be obvious and you could put your date off.

Learn to read body language signs, and adapt your own body language for some more successful dates. Good luck!

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