Good Form in Skype Dating

The incredible advances in software applications have irreversibly changed the nature of dating as we know it. It is now not simply possible, but highly likely to develop and maintain a strong, meaningful relationships via text messages, voice calls and video chats. Skype offers the possibility of not just initiating conversations, but of building up and sustaining a full-blown romantic connection between partners kept apart by geographical distance or life circumstances. 


However, while most Skype users nowadays are technically enlightened enough to set up a date, there is still some unease and uncertainty as to the best way to conduct a liaison via a computer screen. 

Whether in a first date with a particular partner or one of a succession of a long-distance rendezvous, it is worth remembering the romantic nature of the appointment. This means preparing for it with all the anticipation, excitement and attention we reserve for any date with a physically present partner. Choose carefully your clothes, hairstyle and make-up. Arrange the part of the interior that will be visible during the conversation with an awareness of the impression it creates – do you want an overflowing bin or a sink full of dirty dishes to be on display during the conversation? Like a window to your life the screen will provide not only a glimpse of your surroundings, but of your overall personality. At the same time, if you are using Skype to keep a long-term relationship fresh and healthy, it might be a good idea to create intimacy by showing more personal details and more relaxed look – your unmade bed might not be such a bed idea at that stage!

Preparation for the visual aspect of the date is not enough – thinking of the conversation is of huge importance if you are to sustain a connection beyond a basic exchange. In talking to a partner you know well make sure to find a way to express affection in a familiar way, even if the conversation is purely practical. If you are in the stages of getting to know each other, think in advance of topics and areas of interest you want to touch upon during the conversation. Then ask your questions gently and unobtrusively if you feel the interaction is heading towards an awkward pause.

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