Online Dating Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts

When you first get started with online dating, it is important that you quickly become aware of the proper etiquette that’s normally expected with this type of dating. Dating online is a different experience from dating offline and there are some key differences in etiquette that you ought to follow closely. By doing so, you will give yourself the best chance of interacting well on dating sites and hopefully land some hot dates!

Silent Treatment Is Okay

Offline it can seem quite rude to decide not to respond to someone who indicates that they are interested in you. Usually you would talk a little and then let them know politely and in the gentlest way possible that you’re really not interested. Online it is different. From an etiquette standpoint, the best approach to a potential date contacting you who you don’t find attractive, is to simply not reply. Given how easy it is to communicate online, it can be very hard to disengage from someone once you’ve started to.

Don’t Publish A Non-Genuine Picture Of Yourself

Let’s face it: in dating, the first impression we have of someone is how they look. Online, it is extremely easy to be disingenuous about how you really look by using Photoshop or another person’s photo, in order to be more successful at contacting members of the opposite sex and get noticed. Unfortunately, this inevitably backfires and leaves everyone involved in a worse position than when they started. One of the most sacrosanct parts of online dating etiquette is that you should be honest about how you look. That means using genuine, non-photoshopped photos of yourself taken relatively recently.

Don’t Ask Personal Questions Too Quickly

When meeting someone online it is very easy to start asking them questions in a way that would never do so soon if you met them offline. This is due to online communication having far fewer natural barriers and neither party being able to see body language properly, unless using software like Skype. Asking uncomfortably personal questions too early as you’re getting to know each other should be avoided.

Do Make The First Move

Online you have to be more proactive compared with offline dating situations. This is especially true for women when they see a guy they like. Send them a message and see where it takes you online. It isn’t possible to flirt and send small signal as you would offline, so you need to be a bit more direct!

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