Online dating how soon should we meet?

This is a difficult one to provide any hard and fast rules for as there are so many variables. Age more than anything probably governs how soon one chooses to meet one’s new online contact. For the young, being more impatient and more confident they can extricate themselves from any unforeseen situation, arranging that first meeting with the starlet looking young lady or handsome young man can’t come soon enough. But will they turn out to be who they say they are.


Before any meeting one should satisfy oneself as much as possible the person one is chatting to online is genuine. While I continuously seem to stress the need for caution, the majority of online daters are genuine people who wish to find friendship, companionship and love with another.
Remember, online dating is a two way thing. While you may be ready to take the plunge after a month of chatting three or four times a week, your opposite number may not. They may still need that extra assurance before agreeing to a first meeting. Just like yourself, it may be their first foray into the world of online dating, with all the fears and worries that go with it.

Location can also play a big part in the speed of the first face to face meeting. If both live within a couple of hours travelling of each other a meeting can be arranged with minimum outlay involved. However, should you live at opposite ends of the country, where travelling will be costly and may necessitate an overnight stay, it may well extend the time one or both of you need, before agreeing to the first meet.

For most people, meeting after a month of chatting a few times a week is too soon, friendship needs to be established, concerns satisfied and trust built up before the next step is taken. Unless of course, you are both in that enviable position of knowing you have found your soulmate at the very first attempt.

So, how soon should you meet? When both of you are comfortable, relaxed and looking forward to the next step; be it one month, three months or twelve months that’s when you should take the plunge and arrange a meeting.

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