Senior dating agencies, are they worth it?


Ask people which age group use online dating sites the most and the answer is generally the 25-35 year age group. In actual fact senior online dating is one of the fastest growing sectors of the market.

With the over fifties being much more computer savvy, working past the old retirement age, and with fewer places available to meet others of the same age, for many, online dating is an attractive option.


As with all things in life we have to be aware, the internet generally is awash with scam and con artists. Just this morning I received two emails informing me I was entitled to a tax rebate and to fill in my bank details. Yes, right, straight into the junk box, but someone, somewhere, will have filled in the details, an expensive mistake.

Online dating site members are a prime target for many of the unscrupulous, especially sites for seniors.


Firstly check the site itself, especially if you have to pay to join. Before spending anything look up reviews of the site. Not just one but three or four, and double check the review you are reading is not associated in any way with the site; some will be.

Next, remember profiles can lie, don’t take anything you read as gospel. No matter how well things seem to be going with your new found friend do not reveal details you would never give to a stranger.


For many yes; they can lead to a long lasting and happy relationship that would never have happened had it not been for online dating. Give minimum details out over the internet no matter how well things seem to be going. Arrange your first couple of meetings in public places. Once you have met face to face you can begin to judge whether this is the genuine article or not, just as you would had you met in the local pub, club or cafe. Happy Dating.

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