The latest online dating memes


If you are tired of the world of online dating, and you want to express your feelings and frustrations – what better medium than through the latest online dating memes. Covering all the pitfalls and joys of online dating, these pictures will make you laugh – either through bitter experience or hopefully a good experience. We review the categories where memes congregate:The misleading expectations meme

Ever seen the meme where what men expect is meeting a woman who looks like Emily Watson, but gets someone who looks more like Doctor Watson? Not meeting expectations is always a danger of dating online. Whether it’s dating someone who has found pictures of celeberities online, or posted photos of themselves 20 years ago, it is easy to be misled. With photoshop, some of the most convincing perfect men and women can be found looking for love on online dating sites!

The overly attached memeIt’s no secret that some people you meet online are just plain weird. Flirt with them a little, and then they expect a full on relationship where you can’t talk to anyone else – even though you have never met! Stalking has never been easier with the use of Facebook and Twitter. If you meet someone online, and you get mysterious likes and comments on all your photos don’t say you weren’t warned!

overlyattachedThe men posing as women meme

The majority of dating profiles are men. The joke is that the majority of female dating profiles are men as well. Just that these men get a kick out of pretending to be female, or just want to test the waters. This can be a bit disconcerting for someone who strikes up an online relationship, but has given birth to some of the funniest memes!

If you have ever been in a disastrous online situation it doesn’t take long to think of your own online dating meme!

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The latest online dating memes

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