What Are Some Good Online Dating Icebreakers?

Online dating can be overwhelming and more than a little intimidating for some people and it can be hard to know how to start a conversation. If you are finding it hard to strike up a chat with a potential date, the following post contains some great ice breakers that will help you get the ball rolling.

Introduce Yourself

Send them a light and introductory message to begin with. This doesn’t need to be anything too complicated, just a simple “Hello, My name is…I liked your profile and wondered if you wanted to chat sometime soon?” Relax a little, you have made the first move and just wait for them to respond. It may take them a while to respond, but when they do use some of the following questions to keeps the conversation flowing.

Ask Them about Themselves

Ask them to describe themselves, even if they have given a big description on their profile. Then ask basic questions about their work or if they attend college or university. These initial questions show them that you are interested in them and getting to know them better.

Ask Them about Music

We all love music and if you do you should ask them what they like and their favourite bands or songs. This is a great ice breaker as it a great way to find out immediately if you have any shared interests. You could also ask what kind of films they like, which may prove useful when you reach the physical date stage.

Ask If They Like To Travel

Most people have dreams and aspirations and many have places that they would love to visit or that they may have already visited. As the conversation continues you could ask them if there is one place, more than any other, they would like to visit and why. This is another way to find out if you have any common ground, as they might have the same interest in Italy as you or might have been places you want to visit and can tell you about them.

Ask Them about the Food and Drink They Like

By asking them what kind of food they like cooking, eating and what their favourite restaurants are you are finding out more information about them. It is also a good way to figure out places you could take them if things progress well and you agree to go out on a date.

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