Why to avoid free dating sites

You’re single and ready to head online to find someone to spend some time with, perhaps grab a drink and dinner before heading out for a movie or a night of dancing. The excitement and anticipation you feel brings a smile to your face as you envision your ideal mate and type the address of your favourite search engine into your web browser to begin this journey.

The good news is that search you just completed will bring up a lot of sites that promise to help you find other singles in your area. Even better news is that many of those websites offer free memberships to people just like you. Unfortunately, there is bad news that the search engine won’t highlight in the results, and that is the fact that the value of those free dating sites is questionable at best. Before you waste your time and lose your enthusiasm for online dating, we want to outline some reasons why to avoid free dating site in the UK.

The unfortunate truth with free online dating sites is that a high percentage are run by individuals and companies that have little interest in your personal happiness. What they are interested in is your personal information that they can then sell to other websites. The sites may look professionally designed and will include terms of services and privacy statements, but that doesn’t guarantee that they are run by ethical people. Your personal information is valuable, especially when they can sell that information to other dating websites including paid dating sites that we recommend you start with in the first place.

Free dating sites are also synonymous with fake profiles that are meant to lure you in. Profile pictures of attractive men and women supposedly in your area end up being non-existent people. Worse than the fake profiles are real individuals posing as people they are not. Men pretending they are 21 year old women, married women claiming they are single or people just using their spare time to lead you on for their own enjoyment.

If someone is not willing to spend a little bit of money on a paid membership to an online dating site, is that someone you want to be with in the first place? Save your time and avoid the scams associated with these free sites by joining a legitimate website focused on matching singles in your area.

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